If the world

is to be inherited by the meek...

what will happen to all us tigers?

Save the Tiger Fund (or STF for short) was established in 1995
as a partnership between the ExxonMobil Foundation and the 
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, STF gave 336 grants 
totaling $17.3 million between 1995 and 2009, amounting to 
about one-quarter of all philanthropic funds spent on tiger 
conservation globally.  Exxon Mobil's contribution to this effort 
is the largest single corporate commitment to saving a species.

The corporation included Esso Petroleum known for the slogan: 

  "Put a tiger in your tank!" 


Please Help Save The Tigers

Thank You


John David Sottile


Panthera has partnered with Save the Tiger Fund to join two most influential and experienced tiger conservation groups in the world.


Charity Navigator TOP FOUR STAR RATING